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Power Supply

Power Supply Manufacturer

With the rapid development of communication technology and the acceleration of urban informatization in China, the telecommunication industry, as a key national industry, needs to provide a more secure, reliable and energy-efficient overall solution for communication power supply in order to ensure the stable operation of IT information systems. How to protect the communication network 365 days × 24 hours × 7 days of safe and highly reliable power demand. Our company’s communication power supply products to meet the development needs of different applications to provide green and safe power supply solutions.

48V20/50/75/100Ah full series of lithium iron phosphate products, which can be used in a variety of communications base station backup power. Equipped with high-performance BMS for effective management of battery modules, which has a wider range of application advantages than traditional batteries. And to provide one-stop solutions for industrial applications.

Product Features
Small size and light weight, saving installation space.
Good cell uniformity and long cycle life.
Multiple protection mechanisms, high pressure resistance and high reliability.
Modular design for ease of use and maintenance.
Adaptation to harsh environments, such as high altitude, high/low temperature, and high salt spray applications.
Strong compatibility with switching power supplies, UPS and other equipment seamlessly.
Built-in BMS with full protection and control features.