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3.7V2.2AH lithium handheld electrochemical detector battery

Product Number : 22-01-001126
Finished product specification : 18650-1S1P-3.7V-2.2AH
Nominal voltage : 3.7V
Nominal capacity : 2200mAh
Application areas : handheld electrochemical detector
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Product Number:22-01-001126
Finished product specification:18650-1S1P-3.7V-2.2AH
Nominal voltage:3.7V
Nominal capacity:2200mAh
Battery Dimension:MAX:23*66.5
Battery internal resistance:≤80mΩ
Battery weigh:60g
Standard charging current:0.4A
Maximum charging current:1A
Standard discharge current:0.4A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current:3A
Overcurrent protection current:6.5-8.5A
Charging limit voltage:4.2V
Discharge cut-off voltage:3V
Use life:0.2C charge and discharge conditions 0.2C discharge, 500 times ≥ 70% of the initial capacity
Charging temperature:0~+40℃
Discharge temperature:-10~+60°C
Storage temperature:-10℃~+35℃ Less than six months
Temperature protection:none
Product Certification:□GB31241-2014(CQC)□UL2054■un38.3□KC■MSDS■RoHS□Halogen-free□CE□UL60950□RCM□PSE□BIS□REACH□Parts certification□Battery directive□Other