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64V100Ah electric tricycle lithium battery

Product Number:Y-10-000301
Finished product specification: IPFX0-20S2P/64V-100Ah-100A
Nominal voltage:64V
Nominal capacity:100Ah
. Application areas:electric tricycle lithium batteries
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Product Number:Y-10-000301
Finished product specification:IPFX0-20S2P/64V-100Ah-100A
Nominal voltage:64V
Nominal capacity:100Ah
Battery exterior dimensions:
Battery weight:about 65Kg
Lifetime:0.2C charge and discharge conditions 0.2C discharge, 2000 times ≥ 80% of initial capacity
Charging temperature:0℃~40℃
Discharge temperature:-20℃~60℃.
Storage temperature:-10℃~ +35℃, less than 6 months.
Communication Method:□SMBUS □I2C □HDQ ■RS485 □RS232 ■CAN □Other Protocols □No Protocols