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Hybrid Car Battery

Hybrid Car Battery Manufacturer

Topak new energy has many years of lithium batteries and lithium battery BMS R & D technology accumulation, for the switch cabinet enterprises to provide safe and efficient switch cabinet lithium battery solutions.

Smart lithium batteries.Car-grade batteries, sufficient power, strong range, intelligent BMS management, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, short-circuit and other multiple protection, big data to optimize the charging scheme, to protect the battery.

The vehicle power-changing system integrates IoT technology and lithium battery BMS management technology to replace user charging with centralized power-changing and solve the battery endurance problem of more than 350 million electric vehicles in China. The system is presented in the form of intelligent power-change cabinets, which upgrades the original mode of user-charging to a centralized power-change mode in the power-change cabinets located throughout the city.

The smart power-exchange model fills the gap of optional solutions other than charging in the e-bike industry, and solves the capacity problem for the high-frequency users of e-bikes and short-distance urban delivery industries such as take-out and express delivery.