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UPS system

UPS system Manufacturer

Topak lithium battery UPS system, is a kind of equipment to provide uninterrupted power supply of continuous power supply. Emergency backup UPS power supply battery with high safety, low temperature discharge capacity, non-polluting lithium iron phosphate batteries production. UPS lithium batteries have a large energy density, high average output voltage, small self-discharge, and no memory effect, and so on many advantages.

Lithium battery UPS products include:Lithium-ion rackmount UPS, portable lithium-ion UPS, modular UPS, integrated UPS, UPS products are widely used, flexible to meet the differentiated needs of customers in various industries as well as the pursuit of efficient innovation.

Application areas  Commercial emergency UPS, data center, communication equipment room, command and dispatch center, substation, communication base station, security monitoring system, highway gantry system, toll system, etc.