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2020                          Introduced ISO14001 & ISO45001 dual system certification.

2019                            The new factory in Dongguan was put into operation

                                     Jiangsu factory is put into operation formally

2018                            Achieve the national high-tech enterprise

Awarded the benchmark enterprise of using battery echelon

2017                            Move to dongguan dalingshan TOPAK industrial park

2015                           Passed the review of sanyo,cooperate with sanyo battery licensing

2014                            Enter the industrial battery module market

2013                            Passed the Hitachi audit and entered the high-end digital market.

2012                            Establishment of the BMS R&D Centre

2009                           Import ISO9001 quality management system

2007                           Create the TOPAK brand

Development History-Shenzhen topak new energy technology CO.LTD.