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How to choose a household photovoltaic energy storage system

Source: TOPAK POWER Pageview: 79 Release Date: 2023-09-25

Solar photovoltaic energy storage system: Simply put, it refers to the use of photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into direct current, and then use LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery to store direct current. The lithium battery is then fed to household AC power through an inverter. With the current global environmental impact and national call, photovoltaic energy storage systems have become the mainstream in the new energy industry.

Household photovoltaic energy storage systems are very suitable for installation and use in villas, self built houses in suburban areas, and detached shops. Not only can it provide power to all daily electrical appliances, but it can also avoid the adverse effects caused by power outages and save electricity bills. Electricity restrictions are implemented in the region, and in weather with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, the air conditioning and air conditioning are stopped, making the home extremely hot and stuffy. Power outages occur every three to five days, making the basic daily life of residents a problem. In some areas of our country during winter, the main way of heating is through electrical appliances. Once there is a power outage or other problem, a room full of elderly people and children shivering in the cold air, but there is no way. Although household photovoltaic energy storage systems cannot completely replace power stations, they can solve users’ power problems in a short period of time. Moreover, if grid connected, we can store electricity during low electricity consumption periods and use it during peak electricity consumption periods.

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So how should we choose a home solar photovoltaic energy storage system?

Firstly, everyone should consider the safety of solar photovoltaic energy storage systems. The commonly used energy storage battery for home energy storage systems is lithium iron phosphate battery. Generally, energy storage systems adopt modular and integrated integrated design, with intelligent management systems; The constant voltage output technology can effectively prevent safety hazards such as damage and short circuits to household appliances caused by voltage fluctuations and impacts in the power grid.

Secondly, everyone should consider the power and loss issues of photovoltaic energy storage batteries. According to the functions of household appliances and the daily electricity consumption of households, the basic requirement for home storage systems is that the energy storage system can achieve a function of over 5kW and a daily power generation capacity of over 10kWh. This can achieve daytime charging and nighttime use of energy storage systems to generate electricity, meeting household electricity needs, achieving high power and low losses.

Finally, convenient installation will not damage the building structure. Many high-end villa users value the service experience very much. Currently, there are solar photovoltaic energy storage systems on the market, which are very troublesome to install due to various reasons. Therefore, it is best to have professionals install and customize them, so that the installation does not cause any damage to the house, looks beautiful after installation, and can perfectly integrate with the house.