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Customization process and precautions for lithium batteries

Source: TOPAK POWER Pageview: 47 Release Date: 2023-10-19

In recent years, lithium battery customization has become increasingly popular among domestic and foreign customers, especially in certain specific industries such as electric vehicles, electric bicycles, drones, etc. The demand for lithium batteries has increased significantly, and the development of these industries has promoted the prosperity of the lithium battery customization market. So, what are the customization processes and precautions for lithium batteries? Let’s briefly discuss the customization process of TOPAK Lithium Battery:

Firstly, understand and confirm the customer’s needs

Before customization, it is necessary to understand the customer’s needs, including the environment in which the battery is used, the equipment used, the maximum discharge rate, the type, specifications, voltage, capacity, etc. of the battery, as well as the shell material and interface method of the battery. In general, we will ask customers to fill out a customer demand form, and then based on the customer’s needs, create a product specification plan for the customer to determine.

Secondly, select suitable spare parts

Based on the customer’s requirements and product specifications, our engineers choose suitable spare parts. If a suitable battery cell is selected: the battery cell is the core part of the battery, which directly affects the performance and safety of the battery; It is necessary to select according to customer needs and battery cell specifications to ensure that the quality and performance of the battery meet the requirements. Determine the size and weight of the battery based on customer needs, ensuring that the battery meets installation and usage requirements while ensuring that the size and weight of the battery meet customer needs. Only then will a technical agreement for the customer’s product be developed to ensure the standardization of the product required by the customer.

Customization process and precautions for lithium batteries-Shenzhen topak new energy technology CO.LTD.

Thirdly, product production and performance testing

The production of products is based on the confirmed model performance in the technical agreement. Determine the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery: Based on the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery cell, determine the charging and discharging voltage, current, charging and discharging time and other parameters of the battery to ensure that it can charge and discharge normally without damaging the battery. The safety performance of batteries is crucial, and it is necessary to ensure that they do not experience safety issues such as leakage, explosion, or combustion. Therefore, it is necessary to choose high-quality and reliable battery cells, and take multiple safety measures during the design and manufacturing process of the battery, such as adding protective circuits and installing temperature sensors. After customization is completed, it is necessary to test and inspect the battery to ensure that its performance and safety meet the requirements.

Fourth, product delivery and after-sales service

Normally, during the delivery of the first batch of products, our engineers will confirm the performance of the products together with the customer, or conduct delivery confirmation when delivering samples. After delivery, we will provide comprehensive after-sales service, including battery repair, replacement, technical support, etc., to ensure that customers can use the battery normally and promptly solve any problems that may arise.