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As the cost of lithium batteries declines, sodium batteries die before fire?

Source: TOPAK POWER Pageview: 165 Release Date: 2023-05-29

Previously, the cost once rose to 800,000 tons of lithium battery cost, resulting in the rise of the alternative element sodium battery, Ningde era has launched the research and development project of sodium battery, which successfully attracted the attention of lithium battery cost providers.


With the passing of this period of time, the cost of lithium batteries has dropped from the high price of 800,000, the lowest can reach 180,000 tons, performing a real plunge, and finally stabilize at the price of 250,000 tons or so.


As the cost of lithium batteries decreases, the market share of sodium is squeezed, and the sodium battery comes out of the world without success?


Let’s think about it from another perspective, what is the relationship between sodium and lithium?


First of all, from the actual situation of the past few years, sodium electricity does provide a feasible alternative to the high cost of lithium electricity, at least from the current results, is a successful attack on the rise of lithium electricity.


In fact, at the earliest, sodium electricity is not as popular as lithium on the market because of its lack of density and charging speed, so it has not been widely used in the battery industry. This wave of sodium electricity, in fact, is not all said to replace lithium and appear.


From another point of view, with the continuous operation of lithium e-commerce, the cost of lithium jumped so high, coupled with the scarcity of lithium resources in China, resulting in more reliance on imports of lithium, often by overseas lithium e-commerce to seize the fate of the throat state, this time the era of sodium electricity in Ningde actually has a deterrent effect on the above enterprises.


Lithium sodium elimination, sodium lithium town, as a means of protection and the existence of sodium electricity, not only the competitive relationship between substitutes so simple, may be used as an emergency substitute for such a situation in the future.


In this way, the decrease in the heat of sodium electricity is not a simple substitute, but a temporary retreat behind the scenes.