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Where can TOPAK lithium batteries be used?

Source: TOPAK POWER Pageview: 20 Release Date: 2023-11-16

TOPAK lithium battery, the first domestic full series replacement 12V lead-acid battery product, can support series connection. Perfect replacement for various household and industrial applications of lead-acid batteries. Flat discharge curve; At 12V, it can maintain a capacity utilization rate of 90%, while lead acid is only 50%; The weight is only 1/3 of the lead-acid battery with the same specifications and parameters; 2000 to 5000 cycles or more; The lifespan is 5-10 years, and the cost-effectiveness far exceeds that of various lead-acid batteries. The shell can be customized in color. So, where can TOPAK lithium lead batteries be used?

Firstly, for the 5G base station energy storage battery, the voltage range of the 5G base station energy storage lithium battery pack scheme is generally 48V DC to 400V DC. This range is determined based on the power requirements of 5G base stations and the characteristics of lithium battery packs. Within this range, energy storage lithium battery packs can effectively store and release energy, meeting the energy needs of 5G base stations.

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Secondly, the starting battery of a motor vehicle is mainly used for starting, lighting, and ignition of the vehicle. Every start requires the starting battery, and the battery has a limited service life and needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, the starting battery of a motorcycle can be said to be a daily consumable for motorcycle use, and needs to be replaced every two to three years on average; But after replacing it with a lithium battery, it will have more cycles and a longer service life.

Thirdly, electric wheelchair batteries are mostly low-voltage batteries, while lithium batteries are more lightweight, occupy less space, have longer cycles and lifespan compared to lead-acid batteries, and are relatively expensive in terms of price. So the use of lithium batteries in electric wheelchairs is a trend.

Fourthly, batteries used for cruise ships, ordinary energy storage, etc., such as those that often require charging and discharging. Compared to previous lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are used more frequently, about three times longer than lead-acid batteries, meaning that their lifespan is more than three times that of lead-acid batteries.

Of course, there are also other uses, so I won’t explain them one by one here. Basically, TOPAK lithium batteries can be used wherever batteries are needed after daily life.