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How to Ensure Safe Battery Testing as Power Battery Pack Energy Density Increases

Source: TOPAK POWER Pageview: 558 Release Date: 2019-06-12
Chroma’s latest Chroma 17040 energy recovery high power battery pack charge/discharge test system can support three levels of automatic real-time monitoring and protection mechanism, and meet the dynamic and fast response test standard of power battery pack.
The first layer of automatic protection mechanism is to execute the charge/discharge test procedure and protection/cutoff conditions on the hardware side to avoid charging/discharging abnormalities when the computer is not in use, the second layer is to monitor the internal state of the battery pack through real-time reading and judging BMS or data picker, and external parameters can be defined as cutoff or protection conditions, the third layer of protection measures are integrated with the active hardware protection device outside the test equipment to prevent the battery pack from being discharged when the computer is not in use. Failure of primary/secondary protection can result in battery pack damage and endanger human safety. In addition, real-time data from the BMS allows for immediate correction of test conditions to meet the dynamic rapid response testing standards for power battery packs.
Energy Recovery Battery Module Test System
• Maximum output power range:  60kW/120kW/180kW/250kW/300kW
• Maximum voltage/current output specification: 1000V / 750A. Full power or full current output is available at voltages >700V.
• Measurement accuracy <0.05% FS. Both voltage/current with automatic gear switching, better than the industry standard.
• Fast current response (10% to +90%): <2msec. Fast charge/discharge switching time (-90% to +90%): <5msec.
• The firmware introduces the quadratic integration method and high-speed sampling rate (50kHz) to improve the accuracy of power calculation for dynamic testing.
• Fastest data sampling speed for test report: 10ms (Waveform mode: 1ms)
• SiC MOSFET material: increases switching frequency, reduces device temperature rise, and improves device life and accuracy stability.
• With energy recovery function, efficiency > 90%, PF > 0.95, THD < 5%.
• Also supports battery charging and battery simulator function, users can switch between modes.
• Compliant with CE testing and certification
• Through customized software functions, multiple external test equipment can be integrated to achieve a more complete battery testing platform.