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  • 64V100Ah electric tricycle lithium battery

    Product Number:Y-10-000301 Finished product specification:IPFX0-20S2P/64V-100Ah-100A Nominal voltage:64V Nominal capacity:100Ah Battery exterior dimensions: Battery weight:about 65Kg Lifetime:0.2C charge and discharge conditions 0.2C dis...

  • 72V100Ah lithium battery for low-speed electric vehicles

    Product Number:Y-10-000132 Finished product specification:INR18650-20S42P/72V-100Ah-150A Nominal voltage:72V Nominal capacity:100Ah Battery External Dimensions:(MAX)865 (L)*(MAX)303 (W)*(TYPE)160 (H) mm Battery weight:approximately 58Kg L...

  • 76.8V86Ah lithium battery for low-speed electric vehicles

    Product Number:22-01-000112 Product specification:AL48173132-24S1P/76.8V-86Ah-50A Nominal voltage:76.8V Nominal capacity:86Ah Battery external dimensions:(MAX)650 (L)*(MAX)405 (W)*(TYPE)185 (H) mm Battery weight:about 76Kg Lifetime:charg...

  • 64V20AH lithium battery for electric bicycle

    Product Number:22-01-000982 Finished product specification:26650-20S5P-64V-20AH Nominal voltage:64V Nominal capacity:20AH Battery external dimensions:(MAX)160 (L)*(MAX)155 (W)*(TYPE)325 (H) mm Battery weight:about 12.8Kg Lifetime:0.5C ch...

  • 54V20.1Ah lithium battery for surveying and mapping instruments

    Product Number:22-01-000881 Product specification:18650/15S6P/20.1Ah/54V Nominal voltage:54V Nominal capacity:20.1Ah Battery external dimensions:197*185*75mm (L*W*H) Battery internal resistance:≤250mΩ Battery weight:4500g Standard charg...

  • 55.1V300AH lithium bank backup energy storage battery

    Product Number:Y-10-000646 Product Specification:CEB-LM34Ah-14S9P-55.1V-300AH Nominal voltage:55.1V Nominal capacity:300AH Battery external dimensions:(MAX)840 (L)*(MAX)600 (W)*(TYPE)257.5 (H) mm Battery weight:about 100Kg Use of life:0....